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Triple your writing speed in two hours!

In this free 3-part video course, I’ll show you exactly how.

Yes! I’d like to double or triple my writing speed today.

What’s in the course?

  • Video 1 — 31 minutes long: Creating a writing environment requires five essentials. These essentials are at the core of a breakthrough writing system that will solve 99% of writing problems.
  • Video 2 — 19 minutes long:  Learn how to instantly shift your mindset at a deep level, putting you in the exact frame of mind to write faster and better. You’ll uncover the science-backed power tactics that unleash the power of motivation psychology, embodied cognition, and ultradian rhythms. No woo-woo here. Just solid science.
  • Video 3 — 31 minutes long:  This video provides the complete step-by-step guide to creating your own writing environment. After watching this video, you’ll know everything you need to know in order to achieve breakthrough speeds, higher quality, and more earning potential

You can watch the entire series in a morning. And in the afternoon, you can watch your writing speed soar.

How would your life change if you could double your writing speed?

  • If you’re a freelance writer, you could double your output and make twice as much.
  • If you’re an agency writer, you could massively increase content output, wowing your boss and increasing your worth.
  • If you’re like most people and strapped for time, you could free up more time in your schedule for the things you enjoy doing — more time with your family, traveling, or just sleeping.

One or two hours for a blog post? Try twenty or thirty minutes.

Hubspot conducted a survey to figure out just how long it took marketers and writers to write a blog post.

They asked 4,000 marketers this question: How long does it typically take you or someone in marketing to write a 500-word blog post?

The answer?

1-2 hours.

A fraction of those marketers — the elite overachievers — were able to produce a 500-word piece of content in less than an hour.

A parallel survey by Orbit Media surveyed 1,074 bloggers. Their question — How long does it take to write a typical blog post?

Again, the average time was 1-2 hours.

In today’s content marketing environment, a 500-word article just won’t cut it anymore.

The best content marketers recommend a minimum of 2,500-word articles

Now how long is that going to take?

4 hours? 6 hours? More?

Great marketers write faster.

A lot of marketers are out there writing content at an ordinary rate — an hour or two or three to produce a single blog post.

But the experts are doing things differently.

Take Neil Patel, for example, someone whom I’ve worked with very closely for years. Here’s what he wrote

“When I started blogging seven years ago, it used to take me four to five hours to write a post. Since then, not only have I figured out how to write 1,000-2,000-word blog posts in under two hours, but I’ve also figured out how to improve the quality of my posts.”  

Michael Hyatt is another prolific blogger. How long does it take for him to write one of his blog posts that can garner half a million shares?

“After writing more than 1,000 posts, I have gotten better and faster with practice. Now, on average, it takes me 60–70 minutes to write and format a single post.”

Jeff Bullas is one of the top Internet marketers out there. He says this.

“If you are genuinely ‘writing without distraction’ you should be able to write about 1,000 words per hour.”

Chris Brogan, the world’s number three power influencer, knows how to get stuff done faster than most.

“It takes me, on average, about 10-15 minutes to write a blog post.”

I surveyed hundreds of writers, and this is what they told me.

Before I created this free course, I interviewed hundreds of writers.

I asked each of them a simple question:  What areas do you most want to improve in as a writer?

Here are some of the answers I got:

“How to write faster.” – James

“I usually write something and then spend a long time hacking away and redrafting–I’d like to speed this process up a bit.” – Stephen

“I’d love to write faster…Usually, it takes me eight hours to write a single blog post Ugh!”– Jennifer

I know it’s cliche, but time is money.

Let me put a point on that.

Speed is money.

Writing faster will help you earn more money.

How much time and money are you throwing away by not writing faster?

How eager are you for all of that to change?

After watching these three videos, you’ll know how to create a writing environment, which will forever transform your writing speed.

These three videos are focused on a single concept:  How to create a writing environment.

Creating your writing environment will change both the speed, quality, power, and creativity of your content.

There is nothing more important to your work as a writer than your environment.

You’ll earn exactly what you need to do in order to create the perfect writing environment.

You’ll have the answers to questions like these:

  • What time of day should you write?
  • How do you get yourself to write outstanding content even if you don’t feel like it?
  • What routine should you follow in order to get yourself in the writing mood?
  • How can you create a habit out of awesome writing?
  • Where should you go — what kind of place — to write faster and better?

Along the way, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the science that backs this all up — embodied cognition, ultradian rhythms, and the psychology of motivation.

This stuff works.

Here’s my story.

I was chained to a desk in a corporate cubicle — spending eight hours a day in an office chair, staring at a computer, and wincing at the flicker of the fluorescent lights overhead.

I was making twelve dollars and fifty cents an hour.

I was married. I had a house. I had a child.

I needed to make more money.  

So I started writing content online. 

I found out that I made more money freelancing during my lunch hour than I was making all day working my boring, corporate desk job.

I did the math. If I quit my job and wrote full time, I could double my income.

I was twenty-five years old. And I made the decision.

I quit my “real” job with a hope and a prayer.

At that point, I was doing pretty well — writing 500 words in an hour.

But I knew I could do better.

By implementing the hacks, tricks, and systems that you’ll learn here, I was able to increase my writing speed to as high as 2,000 words per hour.

In other words, I was writing as much as 15,000 words per day.

How much is 15,000 words per day?

Take Harry Potter as an example. The Philosopher’s Stone is 76,944 words long. I could have written that amount in five days.

At this rate of writing, my income grew wildly.

I was easily pulling down six figures a year because I was writing faster.

Some days, I made as much as $4,500. 

The crazy thing about it was that my writing actually improved the faster I wrote.

When I implemented my speed writing hacks, the quality of my content increased. 

There’s a myth that writing fast is sloppy.

I disagree.

Based on the neuroscience of work and productivity, when we enter into a state of flow, we produce our best work at our fastest rate. Time seems to slow down, and we’re in an unstoppable stream of creativity.

You can achieve this flow state by mastering your writing environment and gaining the right knowledge.

What happens is remarkable:  You begin creating copy faster and better than you ever thought possible.

Look. Your life is about to change.

I want to be careful not to go all infomercial on you.

After all, you’re an intelligent, capable, skilled writer.

You can analyze an argument, poke holes in proofs, and spot the B.S. right?

However, I believe that by watching this video series and applying what you learn, your writing will change.

And as a result, your life will change, too.

One area of change is the amount of money you’ll learn.

Let’s say you’re a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or someone who makes your living by writing online.

You need to spend your time in such a way that you get the biggest ROI.

Quite simply, if you write faster, you will earn more.

Maybe you’re a copywriter. You’re paid based on how much content you can produce, right? If you produce one article, you get paid, say — $100.

If you can produce two articles in the same amount of time, you have effectively doubled your income.

Double your income?

Yep, simply by writing faster.

Slow writing is costly. That’s why I’m giving you powerful information that will allow you to slash your writing time in half

How much money could you save or make by writing faster? Investing in this course could result in a lifetime savings of tens of thousands of dollars. As a six-figure copywriter myself, I would gladly pay for that kind of productivity boost.  

Launch Your Copy 

What if you could write twice as fast and produce some of your best content?

Triple your writing speed in two hours!

In this free 3-part video course, I’ll show you exactly how.

You’ll uncover the science-backed way to produce content two or three times faster.

  • It doesn’t require huge effort.
  • It doesn’t rely on punishment.
  • It doesn’t involve illegal substances.

Instead, you’ll discover the transformational power of a writing environment I used to write faster and become a six-figure copywriter. 

Access the course NOW.